Toy museum Roden is filled with vintage toys. Visitors can not only view toys but also engage in hands-on exploration and play.

Route & tickets

Free parking is right at the door and accessible for people with limited mobility.

Admission Prices:
Adults €6.50 per person
Children (4 to 12 years) €4.50 per person.
Tickets are available at the entrance.

Plenty to see and play for young and old

At the Toy Museum Roden, there is much to explore – not only for children but also for adults. From antique toys like dolls, trains, cars, and Lego to old slot machines. In addition to toys on display, there are many opportunities to try out games. For instance, an antique carousel invites for a ride. Those interested can enjoy the outdoor playground, featuring rides on unique bicycles, walking on stilts, playing with spinning tops, and more. While children play, parents can relax with coffee in the museum café or outside on the terrace. There is also a crafting room and a railway park for more playtime fun.

  • A unique collection of vintage toys in the permanent exhibition and annually changing exhibitions.
  • Play inside in the exhibition hall and the old-fashioned general store, engage in skill games, and play with Duplo, wooden blocks, and trains in the attic.
  • Play traditional games on the large classic playground outside. Young and older visitors can jump, spin tops, hopscotch, throw tin cans, walk on stilts, jump rope, take a ride on the flying Dutchman, or ride the Vélocipède (bicycle with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel).

In short, a visit to toymuseum Roden ensures a family day filled with fun and games!

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Speelgoedmuseum Roden / Toymuseum Roden
Brink 31
9301 JK Roden
Phone: +31(0)50-5018851